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Increase worker productivity and stay on schedule.

Improves Labour Attendance Communications.

Using ProCost® software on a project site not only provides information about labour attendance by craft type, but allows automated communications to cleints, get productivity analysis,  and helps make faster decisions that will help keep the project on schedule and on budget.


FREE App to increase Craft Labour utilization

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labour report

Constrution Labour Planning & Reporting

Construction Jobsite Labour Reporting App

Easy to Fill Daily Labour Attendance

Communicate daily craft strength by skill type clearly at anytime

Automatic Communications to Project team

Send automated emails inlieu of WhatsApp or email communications.

Track labour utilization for any period

Download intelligent attendance reports to efficiency & productivity analysis

Construction Workers

Increased productivity

Knowing labour attendance in timely manner helps better planning and productive utilization of craft labour.

Better labour management

Log and maintain daily craft attendance, by agency and by skill types.  Capture the full history and audit trail of all the labour involved on jobsites.  

Financial Report

Real-Time information for labour billing

ProCost provides both automatic and custom reporting analytics to easily visualize data and information needed to track project's labour productivity throughout the life of the project.

Field & office access functionality

Access via both, the mobile App and desktop throughout the work day, from any location, to fully take advantage of the functionality provided for both management and labour productivities.

Download the app now!

Cloud-based web and mobile App solution digitizes your job site and office labour reporting, improving productivity and efficiency.

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