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Construction Equipment Tracking
Location - Utilization Duration - Idle time

Request, trasfer, and receive assets in a timely manner.  With real-time updates directly from your teams in the field to know what you have, where it's supposed to be, how it's being used, and whether it has come back.

The FREE, cloud-based asset management tool  (Software similar to Hilti ON!Track)
Why pay thousands when the best is free? 

-   Unlimited Users & number of assets

 -  Unlimited custom reports

 -  Report available on computer, phone or tablet

 -  Detailed log of equipment check-out

 -  Data of usages of machinery & other assets

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Track and Manage Assets on Construction Projects

Requirements and transfer requests from mobile

Communicate requirements & return of company assets from anywhere, at anytime

Track Usage, Period of use, and Diesel Consumption

Calculate costs associated with asset utilization instantly

Keep Projects Working by faster replacement or repairs

Know exact locaiton and quantity of assetts deployed on every project.  Improve utilization of assets between project sites.

Asset Management & Tracking

Construction in Progress

Full Equipment Visibility

Know exactly which project eqipments and tools are located and keep your store team working instead of searching.

Better Utilization of Assets

Log in and maintain every movement of assets and thus capture the full history of project's asset lifecycle tracking and idle time.    

Hardware Tools
Financial Analyst

Real-Time information for Asset Maintenance

Capture maintenance and usage hours.  Analytics helps to keep all your tools and equipment in working order. 

Field & Office Access Functionality

Access via both, the mobile App and desktop throughout the work day from any location to fully take advantage of the functionality provided for both management and reconcilliation of materials


Download the app now!

Cloud-based web and mobile App solution digitizes your job site and office materials management improving productivity and efficiency.

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