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Control & Command software for Construction Industry

Procost is the place where the entire project team — from each foreman to the project manager — comes together to collaborate and share information in real-time. 

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Start Your Projects with ProCost Systems

Start Your Projects with ProCost Systems – Integrate your new projects to our software. Sit back, Relax, and let ProCost take care of all your project data for you.

Designate work Efficiently

Assign users from your team to the project to control, collaborate, and communicate with everyone through ProCost Systems.

Enter Project Data

Enter Project Data – Use ProCost to monitor and save crucial site information like Daily Progress, labour Reports, Quality Assurance and much more. 

Generate Reports Easily

Forget complicated manual reports. let ProCost analyze your data and provide detailed digital reports in a single click, keeping you a step forward from the competition!

Why Choose ProCost



Share data with your team members & regulate the information that clients, consultants & outside team members can have access to. Control Projects by record keeping & tracking following sub systems on a real-time basis.

Construction Technology

Get an intelligent analysis of the data in visual formats to improve on sites productivity, efficiency, time & cost outcomes. Reduce paperwork & collect data in real-time. The team can access project information & reports anytime.



You can plan, coordinate, & monitor your teams through your mobile. Avoid delays due to waiting with instant communication related to site drawings, quality issues, etc.


With tons of data collected get intelligent analysis of the data to improve the time/cost outcomes & efficiency of on-sites productivity. Through ProCost collection of data & feeding become user-friendly & ease of use.


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Construction Management Software

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Stay on schedule and on budget when you connect everyone and everything on ProCost's Construction Management Platform.



Get access to critical project information and equip your team with crucial insights and competitive efficiencies.



Track your project from start to finish in one place with progress photos, drawings & documents.



Stay on schedule and on budget when you connect everyone and everything on ProCost's Construction Management Platform.


Rajat Sharma

“Helpful for tracking job progress.”

Procost is an amazing tool to help track job progress in construction. It uses reports and job data and helps improve communication between office and field.

Manoj Pandey

 “Easy integration of multiple levels of project management”

My experience with ProCost has been phenomenal! Overall use is pretty easy and very user-friendly! I am a big fan of ProCost's overall setup and feature options.

S K Singh

“Excellent Construction Management        Software that is easy to use!”

Great for storing, tracking, and managing your direct and indirect project information. My experience with this software can say that it makes my life and work easier.

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