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ProCost for:


Take control of your construction projects with visibility into every step of the process.


Improve Efficiency

by communicating with all stakeholders.


Increase Control

by getting the performance of all vendors in one dashboard.

high visibility

Real-Time Visibility

of progress, quality & safety of vendors.


Optimises Execution

Plans allocates & manages resources to meet project demand.



ProCost helps you execute key project portfolio management processes with confidence. We connect business strategy & construction management for your whole project landscape, with insights from actual project data. Get progress, safety & quality information on one platform for understanding the big picture & driving corrective actions.

modern Sofa

Relax & Enjoy Digitization

ProCost helps Enterprise to make company wise same working methods.


Construction Manager

Construction Management

Always stay on schedule with real-time collaboration across project teams and access to all the information in one place to manage critical actions like daily progress and RFIs. 

Construction Workers

Monitoring and control keeps projects on track. The right controls can play a major part in completing projects on time. The data gathered also lets project managers make informed decisions. 

Monitoring & Control

Financial Report


Automate and extend the manual buying and selling process, from the creation of the requisition through to payment of the suppliers. acquire and sell goods and services using an automated process making it more efficient and effective.


Drive success by analyzing budgets against revenue, costs, profit, deals, and more. Manage not just budgets but your entire company in one place. Stop shuffling between spreadsheets and multiple tools, and find important data in a few clicks.

Budgeting & Actual Billing

Manager and Worker

Project and Contract Administration

Improve processes and reduce risks related to construction and operation by enforcing system-driven quality management processes across the project lifecycle. 


Procost systems provide a platform where you can manage your statutory approval, contract documents, accounting documents, legal documents which help in reducing coordination time. We streamline the process of submitting, tracking & distributing labour, subcontractor, or supplier payments. 

Quality & Safety

Business Meeting


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