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  • Is ProCost an ERP?
    No. ProCost is more like a CRM - Construction Resource Management software. ProCost is a workflow digitization tool. It digitizes more than 27+ workflows on a typical construction project site. We would like to move away from paper based - reporting, data capturing, and information communication.
  • Is there a limit to the number of projects I can create?
    No. You can create as many projects as you want. Depending upon the plan purchased, there are restrictions on amount of space available for storage.
  • Does ProCost Systems offer any introductions or demos?
    Our implementation team provided free training and technical orientation to your team before implementing our software in your company. The software is very easy to use, and it takes less than 1 hour of training to get going! Your team can reach out to us in case of any support help at We usually answer within 24 hours.
  • Can I assign multiple projects to one user?
    Yes. You can assign as many projects you want to a single user. The user will have access to only that particular project's information, that they have been assigned too.
  • What priority support will I receive?
    Here at ProCost Systems, customers are our top priority. Any query or doubt will be attended to within 24 hours. Until then you can refer these help tools: Online chat support User Guides Demo videos
  • Can I backup my project files?
    Yes, you can backup all of your project information using a single click back up function provided under action column in the project setup module. Most of the individual data can be downloaded in Excel formats.
  • Which browsers can support ProCost Systems?
    ProCost Systems is completely cloud-based. It doesn’t matter what browser you use, you can easily enjoy our services from the browser of your choice. The software is blended, i.e. accessible via App and web browser. The App gives you an added feature of working in Offline mode, in case of mobile network issues. We recommend feeding information using All, and accessing report via web browser.
  • Is my Project information safe with ProCost Systems?
    We take our customers privacy and online security very seriously. Therefore, we have taken a number of steps to ensure that your data (project attachment, user data, etc) is completely secured when using ProCost Systems. All data stored in our system is encrypted using AES encryption algorithms on secure AWS remote servers with added protection of data transition using secure socket layers (SSL) ensuring no man in the middle attack or data breaches after it has been saved on the servers. Not even we (ProCost Development team) can read your data, We can see how much data you have uploaded and what pages are you using, but not the data itself, which you inputted. Our servers span across the world with local servers in Mumbai for lower latency (all secured through AWS) and backup servers as provided by AWS.
  • How to cancel subscriptions or delete an account?
    To cancel your subscription or delete your account, you can simply contact us at As we provide a FREE 3 month trial, we have not experienced any cancellations mid-way. However, we do provide a 60 day return policy. The subscription is annual. Upon cancellation, we will provide backup of all of your company data, so that we can provide our services to you in the future if you ever need it.
  • Can I have multiple managers managing a single project?
    Yes, you can also have departmental managers or a single manager managing multiple departments. Create admin user tags for your management level employees, and Assign them multiple modules or projects.
  • Is there any way to not show the completed projects in reports without deleting them?
    Yes, you can hide your completed projects without deleting them by just changing the project status to inactive from the project setup module.
  • How do I restrict certain users from viewing any financial information?
    There is no financial data in ProCost. It is a Construction Resources Management [CRM] tool. We do not collect any costs data. The costs information in some modules are for management purposes only, and approximate, and not linked to your accounts or confidential data. ProCost allows access to information as decided by the Project Manager (Admin). Only certain users who are assigned specific module(s), can view the information of that particular module(s).
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