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Streamline Workflows and Save Time using Mobile App

Article Objectives:

  • Workflow Digitization

  • Reduce Paperwork

  • Real-time communication

An app that can do the work of full-scale software? Yes, a simple app that can prepare daily reports, QA/QC inspection checklists, and many others like these seamlessly and on the go!

Procost, a construction digitization tool has form features, giving construction field personnel, site engineers and supervisors, the tools and flexibility to capture progress information and standardize their workflows, saving them time in filling out paperwork with a convenient App on their smartphones.

Procost software and mobile App comes with six common construction form templates — daily reports, QA/QC inspection checklists, request for information (RFI) forms, labour reports, and material receiving forms — all of which can be customized to fit your needs.

The App ( helps you replace your organization’s frequently used paperwork — anywhere, from any device.

Paperwork and doing reports are a necessary evil — the least favourite part of the project manager’s day. Whether it’s manually transferring information into a PDF or, worse, filling out paper forms by hand, administrative tasks usually get left to the end of the day — when most of us would rather be doing anything else. Filling out forms from memory is also difficult and prone to mistakes: Which floor did I take this picture on? With Procost, you can create and update reports with what’s happening on the Jobsite while you’re still on the Jobsite — directly on your phone or tablet.

All these features combined with many other innovations like these makes Procost a one-stop solution for every project manager and their team. Together with the app and the cloud-based software, Procost makes a simple yet very powerful platform for performing all your daily functions digitally, increasing your productivity as well as efficiency.

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