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Roles and Responsibilities of a Billing Engineer

Billing is the documentary aspect of the work done, through which payments will be made to the person concerned within the contract and accountable to finish the work. Incomplete billing will cause losses to the contractor or the client. Hence, bills are to be excellent and obvious at any stage of the work.

Bills from the work sites are to be prepared in a standard printed format. Here the billing engineer roles and responsibilities along with the job description will be understood.

Duties and Responsibilities

Billing engineers maintain and balance the income generation and advancement of any project at the sites by observing the work from the workplace itself.

A Person must have B.E./B.Tech In Civil Engineering to qualify as a billing engineer. Every He must know estimation and costing, BBS (Bar Bending Schedule), Rate analysis, Labor and machinery analysis which enables him to carry out billing works at a different stage of construction with proper efficiency and accuracy.

Billing Engineer Job Titles

  • Billing Engineer

  • Senior Billing Engineer

  • Planning Engineer

  • Estimation Engineer

  • Quantity Surveyor

  • Tendering and Billing Engineer

Various Roles of billing engineer

  • Prepare quantity sheet from onsite data & drawings

  • Prepare bill of quantities (BOQ) & bills with item rates from tender

  • Prepare & process subcontractor bills

  • To take the measurement from the site engineer

  • To get work done as per the protocol of the company

  • To follow up on the accounts department for payment

  • Review the quantities item listed

  • Checking and certification of bills and invoices from vendors and contractors

  • Checking measurements

  • Bill certification

  • Should be good in MS Excel and MS word

  • Preparing reconciliation statements


Billing engineer plays a very important role with the budgeting records of a project throughout execution. The most important role of a billing engineer is to create every kind of bills

like R.A bill, Advance bill, cash bill, and final bill.

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