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How to Achieve Quality Construction Work

Article Objectives:

  • Quality is Everyone’s responsibility

  • Reasons for quality issues

  • Benefits of improving quality

Quality issues are one of the most important causes of construction waste of time and money. Because of reworks, projects deal with labour inefficiency, material wastages, miscommunication and repeated work.

The five main reasons for quality issues on a typical construction project are:

  1. Lack of team involvement, commitment and proper collaboration

  2. No standardized quality management process or procedure

  3. The paper-based process with improper verifications

  4. Lack of communication regarding the field or office

  5. No access to real-time information

A highly efficient approach to achieving and proactively managing quality is through the digitization of paper-based processes. App help capture real-time site information, with photographic evidence, making project team members more vigilant, helping every stage of a project to improve collaboration and assisting project stakeholders to be more involved in quality

The top five benefits of improving quality by digitizing in the construction industry

  1. Improved productivity and reduced cost

  2. Decreased construction waste, contributing to a more sustainable working environment

  3. Project stakeholder involvement and commitment

  4. Improved collaboration and co-operation

  5. Reduced rework by doing things right the first time

No matter how complex the construction project is or what type of building is built – residential, commercial, or industrial – quality is everyone’s responsibility. Digitization of construction processes helps improve the quality of work at no additional costs.

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