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Evaluating actual concrete pour with Software

The project's quality assurance team can use ProCost's systems to generate quality assurance/quality control work inspection checklists for the various material items that will be permanently incorporated into the project. The Concrete Pour Checklist is one of those work inspection checklists.

The concrete pour card report will show a list of concrete pour activities along with the details of each pour, including the location, date, structural component, volume in Cubic meter, concrete grade, cement type, concrete strength, finish quality, mixing method, and the project schedule activity associated with this pour.

The Concrete Pour Log from ProCost allows a contractor or client to create a pour checklist, The Concrete Pour Log of ProCost helps a contractor or client to compile their own pour checklist based on their individual needs. The site team can easily fill out the pour card checklist before starting the concrete work. Recording, tracking and compiling RMC details with the help of ProCost Systems, as well as generating cube registers for concreting. This is part of the documentation between the contractor and the client.

How to use ProCost?

Login using ID

Steps to Proceed:

Step 1: From the project, the home screen navigates to the Concrete pour log under Field Productivity.

The different sites will be automatically viewed. But if multiple sites have been assigned to you then click on the drop-down menu and select the site.

Step 2: Navigation Bar, On the left navigation bar you can see two options: Pour card and Transit log

Under Pour Card, you will get two options: Add and View

Step 3: Add Pour Card, Click on Add under the Pour Card dropdown menu.

Enter all the information asked in the Add form. Save to submit the Pour Card.

Step 4: View Pour Card

We can edit or delete any entry by clicking on the respective icon under the action column. Non-admin users can only edit/delete the added pour card up to 3 days of adding.

Under the cube register column, we will get a cube log. After your cube test, click on the cube log to add your cube test details.

Click on the “+” sign to add Pour Card Checklist as per clients or contractor’s requirements.

And Submit the Entry.


All of this information would become available for the quality management team to monitor, evaluate, report, and visualize using the concrete pour log report by ProCost. The interactive report will automatically adjust to display the selected concrete pour activities, and building structural system captured in the concrete pour checklist. In addition, the data in all graphical visuals will be automatically adjusted to reflect the selection.

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