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5 Reasons Why You Need Construction Project Management Software

Key Points of Article:

  • Mobile Apps are the primary tools of communication.

  • Web-based Portals & Integrated Apps

  • Real-time project site data collection and decision making

  • Productivity and efficiency improving software tools

5 Reasons Why You Need Construction Project Management Software

Mobiles have become one of our primary tools of communication and entertainment. Mobile has penetrated all classes of people. Use of Apps for various daily activities is common. The speed of data shared and the ease with which it can be retrievable is improving exponentially.

(Concepts of project management:

1.Real-Time Data Capturing:

Each project has site-specific and job-specific elements that affect the productivity of the work craft and efficiency of employees. The Construction Manager, when managing a project, needs to take into account many elements into consideration while making decisions. Construction management software helps capture real-time project site information enhancing the decision-making process.

2.Multiple workflows, one database

The software will have multiple construction workflow activity modules: capturing labour productivity, movements, asset allocation, drawings management, diaries, quality control checklist, and much more. The information collected in each module provides information on all aspects of site project management.

3.Customization for each organization

The software can deal with customization for all kinds of construction organizations - a civil, a mechanical, an electrical or a speciality contractor. These software tools provide considerable time-saving in capturing real-time project information, much less than the time taken to capture the same information in paperwork.

4.Information Analysis and Decision Making

The information collected is easier to update and analyse. There are other benefits to computerization are that the information can be sorted, analysed, or broken down by buildings, period, subcontractors, etc. The data captured can also be linked to the accounting system and also to scheduling software.

5.Easy Communication

The information can be shared among all the project participants easily, on a need to know basis, and in real-time. The reports can be shared promptly and with polished looks that make for a better presentation to clients.

The data collected is as soon as the quality of data is fed. There are chances that information collected is not perfect, however, with proper employee training, quality of data analytics will improve. Computerized construction management tools are a good thing that will become the norm for everyone in the future. We just have to be ready to use this new tool to our advantage.

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